High Contrast Art Studio has been offering quality and custom tattoos since 2016. All artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety for all of our clients and we accept Walk ins.

Our shop specializes in custom tattoos and art work. We provide a wide variety of artists that specializes in color realism, black and gray, american traditional, neo-traditional, water color and more. Currently we have 13 artists steadily ready to book your appointments. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Every artist is dedicated to give our client the best of their capabilities and to have each and every one of you leaving with great tattoos.


  • Your Idea

  • Sketch

  • Pricing

  • Tatooing

The safety of our clients is of utmost importance at Tatu Pro. We ensure that all tattoo and piercing instruments and materials are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each use.
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